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thermostat Removing a room stat from central heating in order to fit Hive Home Improvement Stack Exchange

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Learn detailed instructions from the product manual to keep your home warm using the Hive thermostat. Schedule – Select this mode to set when the heater is on or off. The heating activates once you set the temperature above the actual room temperature. I need to disconnect the existing room stat – a Horstmann Centaurstat 7 – as this will be being replaced by the Hive wireless stat. Who knew that zone valves would be such a headache…with relatively new tech you’d think they’d consider stuff like this.

You can also change the duration to 30 seconds, 1, 3, 5, 10, or 15 minutes. Additionally, you can configure a schedule during which actions run. You might, for example, only want to detect motion during non-business hours. In addition to turning on/off lights and plugs, you can also configure actions to notify you through in-app notifications or email notifications.

Highly recommend them, very friendly and charged what was quoted. When looking at different heating systems for your home, running costs play a big factor as to which system you decide upon. My Hive TRV was working on schedule but about 4 deg C below the correct temperature. If you hold the button down on the TRV itself for about 3 seconds it goes into Install Mode which you will have used when you first set them up.

How to Reset a Hive Thermostat In 3 Easy Steps

As noted earlier, I think that the Active Thermostat is the weakest product in the bundle. It lacks many of the advanced tracking, monitoring and analysis features that I’ve grown accustomed to having in my ecobee thermostat. I just wouldn’t be happy with a lesser-featured device. And since most other smart thermostats are Wi-Fi-based, they’ll work fine with the other Hive products. Hive is a smart thermostat that controls heating and hot water in your home. It is simple to use, and you can remotely control the thermostat with your devices.

Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. When I come to remove the room stat permanently I will need to bridge the corresponding position at the central wiring block. When/if we are happy with the Hive system I will properly isolate the old room stat wiring at both ends so that it is properly unused but can be reinstated without having to run new cabling . Install Hive with the old room stat temporarily bypassed rather than removed (just in case it doesn’t work out for us). Yup, that’s correct and why you can’t use modulation on a zone valve system. Tailored Heat serviced my boiler and also replaced some radiators at my home.

Motion Sensor

As you can you remove hive heatinge though, it does come with a cost though as it’s more clunky to set up and manage via the Alexa app. Especially if you have rooms like home offices or guest rooms you like to disable and enable occasionally based on need. That said, I’d rather a more awkward system that worked than a simple system that just doesn’t. I used Alexa all winter and was much happier with my Hive TRV’s. Not once did I have to walk around to check that the TRV schedule had taken and the right TRV’s were on/off. Since using Alexa I’ve never found a TRV is off when it should be on.

Manage devices – This screen shows the status of each device, signal strength of the connection to the hub, power source and, for sensors, battery status. You can also rename each device or remove it from your list of installed devices. With an electric underfloor heating system, the recommended maximum temperature to run it is 27oC. Thermostats like Nest are designed to switch low electrical current systems of up to 3A.

  • A fusion of form and function, the Hive thermostat gives you clever control of your heating and cooling, wherever you are.
  • This service is for our European users, if you are based in North America, please connect to our North America thermostat.
  • Check if Hive heating can provide your home’s heating requirements.
  • A bigger world of smart home automation opens up as you gain the ability to combine various smart home devices to help your smart home run even more efficiently.
  • If you have to use one of these, we recommend you request a professional installation.
  • Go ahead and test the thermostat for correct functioning, otherwise repeat steps from beginning.

On the right, to adjust the color temperature, just drag the outer colored circle clockwise or counter-clockwise. To change controls, tap either on the Tone icon to change to color control, or the Dimmer icon to change back to the dimmer mode. Actions – Actions allow you to create rules to control active devices when conditions of sensors change. In the gallery below, I created an action for my Motion detector. When the motion detector, named Stairwell detects motion, then the light named Hive Light 2 will turn on and, as configured, will stay on indefinitely. Install devices – This puts your Hive Hub into discovery mode to install additional devices or install a camera or thermostat.

An can you remove hive heating Boost state may be cancelled at any time by pressing the CANCEL button. Pressing the relevant Override Active will turn the Override Active LED green. The override duration is shown beneath the LED indicator.

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Daesung Smart Hive Plasma Ozone Storage New Product Launch.

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You’ll then need to tell us whether your system is a gas furnace or an electric air handler. Don’t worry if you’re not sure, we’ve got that covered too. Hive thermostat, use the optional decoration plate provided.

Rather than connecting directly to your Wi-Fi network, these products connect to the Hive Hub using the ZigBee wireless protocol. The Hive Hub connects to your wired Ethernet network and bridges the ZigBee products to the Internet. If you’re thinking about turning your home into a “smart” home and are just starting out, you face a smorgasbord of products from a lot of vendors. You have to decide what you want to automate, such as lights and smart plugs, and how you can add on in the future. There could be a few reasons why you might not be able to log into your Hive account.

I’m trying to work out how I can switch to tado fully…they told me basically that it doesn’t support zones so it’s hive with tado TRVs or nothing…I’ve read things on here which contradict that. If so, then your radiators may be suffering from a build up of sludge, debris and rust. A powerflush can help prevent build ups in your central heating system, helping your radiators to heat up more efficiently. Simple mechanical timers are another option when it comes to setting a heating schedule.

integrates your hive

The Ecobee4, for example, detects when you’re away from home and can automatically enter a “Smart Away” mode that temporarily resets the temperature to save you money. Similarly, the Ecobee4 supports remote temperature sensors that can help you balance heating or cooling to avoid hot or cold spots in your home. Hive recommends that you install them one at a time. The hub will start searching for unconfigured devices. A ten-minute countdown timer will appear on the screen along with a list of the devices discovered so far.

Before you use the Hive thermostat manually, your device should be in “Stand Alone” NEAR mode. Probably better to get the motorised bit disconnected electrically, and removed from the valve body proper, which you’d then manually turn open permanently. I would look into getting the zone valves removed altogether if you can, or, as you said, making them permanently open. I’ve asked for a copy of the installation instructions for Worcester Bosch greenstar 42CDI, but they won’t send me them, so you can only view the instructions once you’ve bought something.

  • The hive water heater platform integrates your Hive hot water into Home Assistant, enabling control of setting the mode.
  • Note that the scheduling for this device works that same way as it does for all of the other Hive devices.
  • Hive also offers a less expensive, non-tunable white light with the same power consumption and output as the tunable white bulb for $17.99.
  • Because of the desire to reduce the height of the floor build-up.

Although Hive is taking advantage of technology, you can still operate without connecting to your devices. Learn in this post how to use the Hive Heating thermostat manually. My Hive Home – In the Android app, tapping on the My Hive Home displays a screen showing installed devices. On either platform, tapping on the device allows you to control it and configure schedules for active devices such as lights and plugs. The status of each device is shown and you can tap and hold an icon to re-arrange it on the screen.

What do you do with the Hive heat when you move house?

If you are moving home and have Hive Active Heating installed, please leave all of your Hive Active Heating kit (receiver, thermostat and any Signal Boosters) at your old home. They form part of your central heating system, so must be left for the new occupier.

The obvious test would be to take the room stat and put it right next to to the hub and see if it still drops out. You mix a few terms, modulation etc. relay operation works simply by switching the wire as together just as hive. Load compensation which you get with digital control is when they vary the flow temp from the boiler to vary the heat output as setpoint is near. Within the Alexa app, you can control your devices to turn them on/off, adjust brightness, and adjust color. However, I ran into a small problem with Alexa integration.

hive thermostat

The $200 Hive View is available in the two colors shown above. The Hive View view camera is designed in the shape of a cube approximately 2 1/4″ on a side. It features a magnetic base and stands about 5.4 inches tall. An included mounting bracket adds about 0.3 inches.

For quick and efficient up, install Hive Active Thermostat in the order shown below. Similarly, the CH relay is switched by its Manual Mode – Off/On switch according to the Thermostat SP setting. The state of the relay is indicated by the State LED and the CH Demand icon. In Manual mode, the HW relay is switched by its Manual Mode – Off/On switch. To allow the SLR/SLT devices to join the network, ‘Join’ must be enabled on the Pi. A problem with zigbee2mqtt not connecting to the Mosquitto Message Broker .


The receiver has paused its search for other devices. The system is in gravity-fed mode and is connected to the rest of the Hive system. The receiver is connected to the rest of the Hive system and operating normally. Press and hold both the left (back/”button 8″) and middle (menu/”button 7″) buttons on the bottom of the thermostat.

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Energy bills: what do Liz Truss’s measures mean for you?.

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Without doing anything in the app now press and hold the button on the TRV again for about 3 seconds . Now the valve will come out of Install mode, connect to your Hive network, and because you didn’t change anything in the app it will recognise the valve and reapply its name and schedule. ETC I wanted to get that button back but the only way I had found previously was completely removing the TRV from the app which also lost the schedule. To remotely control your heating and cooling with Hive Active Thermostat, the thermostat needs to be installed and paired to a Hive Hub. Hold down the central heating button for 10 seconds on the Hive receiver until light turns pink, then release. You can’t, for example, turn on a Hive Plug or Hive light if motion is detected by the Hive View.

The Hive Hub is used to ‘translate’ Zigbee to Wi-Fi, which allows the Hive devices to communicate with and be controlled by the Hive app, as well as any smart home hub it may be connected to. If you have the thermostat connected to the Hive Hub, you cannot control it because it needs an internet connection. You will see a red light indicating the loss of the connection. You will also see on the app that the heating is offline. With a Hive thermostat, you can schedule the heating in your home. You select the SCHEDULE mode to set and view the heating schedules.

In Timer mode, the HW relay is automatically switched according to the current HW Time Slot state (see below Timed Off/On Slots). The state of the relay is indicated by the State LED and the HW Demand icon. Finally click the web frontend ‘Join’ button to disable other devices from potentially joining the network. Click on the ‘join’ button on the right-hand side of the menu bar to display ‘Permit join’.

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