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10 Greatest Yandere-focused Video Games

If the love interest explains their plans of ending their very own life, the yandere will attempt to cease them. If they can’t, they will then accept their determination only if they do it collectively. A utsudere love curiosity has commited suicide, the yandere then decides that they will comply with on the steps of their love interest to be reunited by them or because they don’t have the rest to stay for now.

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She’s worked in quick meals, retail, and company roles, however she is happiest when expressing herself via writing. Brittanie has a deep love and appreciation for Japanese language and culture, and she or he brings this cultural perspective to the forefront when assessing varied Japanese media. If she’s not researching or writing, she’s probably gaming or catching up on her backlogged anime watchlist. For yandere characters, this controlling nature is all the time for the sake of their love curiosity’s security. But being subjected to that overbearing, controlling attitude is difficult to take care of. In addition to their religious support and drive to protect their love interests, yandere characters are also willing to do anything inside their power to help them.

They also have a tendency to like dressing their obsession up if they will, buying them clothes, doing their make-up, their hair- you’re probably the most stunning individual on the earth to them it does not matter what you’re sporting. At first, she looks like just a massive fan of Tuesday, however it’s obvious there’s much more to it. She ignores anyone who isn’t Tuesday and declares she loves her, but this “love” is extra obsessive and possessive. Cybelle even tries to start a model new group with Tuesday, leaving Carole fully out of the image.

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They’re very affected person, although, and they’ll take as a lot time as they need. Definitely a stalker yandere, the type to follow you around with out ever giving you a lot as a clue that they’re doing it. They’re very cautious and meticulous about it, too, so unless they want you to know something they’re doing, you won’t. Once they do finally work up the courage to strategy you, things won’t change much- they’ll nonetheless be very cautious about every little thing, nervous about messing issues up with you, apprehensive you won’t like them. Definitely probably the most submissive yanderes, they’ll do most anything you ask them. You’ll probably know anyway, though, primarily based on the greatest way they’re always around- a yandere Cancer will never wish to be apart from their obsession.

A fairy tale romance is what they need for you both- but, hey, don’t plenty of fairy tales contain some kind of kidnapping? Like Geminis, they’re enamored along with your looks, and you’ll get lots of clothes as items. Even greater than the other yanderes, you’re probably one of, if not the only particular person they care about.

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And they’re over-protective, by far- strive not to damage your self in entrance of them, or you’ll spend the the rest of the day being fussed over and spoiled. If they could, they’d maintain you locked up somewhere where they’re sure that there’s no probability of you hurting yourself, practically child-proofing a spot for you. And, if they assume you’re sufficient of a hazard to yourself, they only would possibly.

They do not care in regards to the love curiosity’s feelings and will use them nonetheless they want. They can kill the love interest if they don’t settle for to be with the yandere, in the occasion that they turn out to be upset sufficient or once they feel betrayed by the love interest. Some would even drive the love interest to have intimate acts with them. A love curiosity who goes together with this will likely end up behaving like a yandere as a end result of they are very isolated. Although this would possibly seem as a good thing to the yandere character, or an different dere type they’re in love with, it is only a temporary change. Having an aggrandized opinion of their love interest, these yandere characters see themselves as insignificant compared to their love curiosity.

From point-and-click games like Affection to visual novels like Crimson Gray, some video games incorporate yandere tropes in distinctive and interesting ways. Even in the early 2000s, cell phones have already been quite useful. These bulky bricks helped individuals talk on the fly, and the variety of options they pack also made them vital gadget for on a daily basis activities. We have been eating as a dessert shop and began talking about our relationship. However, it’s solely been lately that I’ve noticed his tendencies to be yanderic. I caught him typically watching me at school for about 10 minutes straight and if I wanted to wait for my friends afterwards, he would take my hand and pull me with him outside so we might go house.

Best yandere-focused video games

The shock manipulative yandere kind do not often simply stop with preying on their love curiosity’s weaknesses, they pry apart their love interest’s psyche from within. They think love is manipulation, and they also manipulate increasingly. Seeking to get their love interest to react positively to their presence and to care about them, they manipulate their love curiosity’s emotions and world perception.

Unlike actually abusive spouses, home violence (again love type) yandere characters understand that they can not force their love interest to love them or drive their love curiosity to alter for the higher for them. They selected to be violent to make the severity of the issue extra apparent and to boost their love interests motivation in hopes of affecting change of their love interest. Failing this, they no longer have any motivation to be violent in the path of their love interest — even if they continue the undesired conduct.


Released in the course of the tip of 2021, Nothing Special is a short visible novel that joins the various different distinctive horror video games obtainable on As a young female protagonist, the participant will get kidnapped by a lady she does not recognize. To “care for her,” the lady feeds the protagonist maggots and forcefully bathes her while keeping her trapped in a room. As the times continue, the opposite characters slowly get brutally killed, which leads to the ultimate survivors believing that the protagonist is the perpetrator. It’s revealed that a wierd creature has truly been killing the other characters in order that the protagonist would eventually fall in love with the creature. Each time the state of affairs fails, the creature erases the protagonist’s memories and begins the whole process once more with new victims.

Just seeing this all play out was disturbing to observe because of how Cybelle made every thing she did sound justified. She’s only obsessive about him as a result of she desires to be the one to kill him. Kurenai won’t be the normal yandere feminine, however she checks virtually all the boxes of one. It additionally doesn’t assist that Belarus carries a knife and isn’t afraid to make use of it for probably the most minor inconvenience.